$5.40 Ball Toss Game - Candyprints Llc

Ball Toss Game - Candyprints Llc

Brand: Candyprints Llc
Product Code: CAP333
Availability: In Stock
Weight : 0.79 Lbs
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Ball Toss Game - Candyprints Llc. Candyprints Ball Toss Game adds excitement to any party where a big penis is needed. 1 Ball Toss Game with 6 balls per poly bag with header card. Self adhesive tabs for sticking to wall, door, or forehead. Adult game of skill.

One side is 25 points and the other is 50 points. Game is 22 inches by 12 inches. Includes All Items For Immediate Use!
  • Ean: 817717003336

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