$17.01 Body Slide Strawberry And Champagne - Shunga

Body Slide Strawberry and Champagne - Shunga

Brand: Shunga
Product Code: SH7700
Availability: In Stock
Weight : 1.2 Lbs
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Body Slide Strawberry and Champagne - Shunga. 2012 XBIZ Award Winner - International-Based Pleasure Products Company of the Year
The Oriental Body Slide Massage Gel is a completely arousing and intensely erotic sensual experience. The gel, poured entirely onto the two naked bodies, lets lovers glide against one another in a slip-and-slide motion with ease - creating an almost weightless effect.The feeling of the skin itself becomes intensified and transforms sweet caresses into soft touches that bring you to the height of your imagination and your wildest desires...
  • Ean: 697309077002
  • Flavor: Strawberry Champagne
  • Other: Award Winner

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