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Bell Clit Clamp With Tweezer Tip - Silver - Spartacus. A unique accessory for your BDSM sessions, this elegantly decorated clit clamp features a lightweight bell on a tweezer-style clamp. Simply place the rubber-tipped ends on either side of her clit and slide the adjustment ring to the desired tightness for maximum effect. As she becomes aroused or moves, the bell will ring, allowing her partner to know exactly what she's doing or how turned on she is, by ear. The gentle weight of the tiny bell will sway with each movement, offering her pleasure. The bell also makes a devilish target for tapping, tugging, and other stimulation that will keep her on the edge! Color: Silver Type: Clit Clamp Material: Metal, Rubber, Plastic Style: Tweezer Length: 4" Special Features: Bell Accent, Adjustable
  • UPC : 669729222034
  • Color : Silver
  • Material : Metal
  • Feature : Mfg Warranty Included